Getting closer to the divine power

When we think or talk about “worship through relationship with god” the first thing that we all should know is what is worship? Worship is nothing but only the way of providing “the creator” a tribute for giving us the opportunity to live the wonderful lives that we have been awarded with. Worship is basically an attitude of gratitude towards God, the creator of all. The entire idea of worshipping is not new; instead it is prevalent from the ancient time. In the ancient times people used to worship the Sun, the air, the Earth, the rain and the fire because these are the elements that provide us with our basic necessities. The ways of worship that are seen today are just the modified form of the ancient ways of worship.

Worshipping is considered as the medium to connect to the “Supreme Being”. This is merely a way to build a relationship with god. So, it is believed that worship through relationship with god is the best way to get closer to god. There are many ways to make a relationship with god like Praying to god. This is the best form of worship as we all believe that god wants to hear from us. By praying we are able to speak to god, confess our deeds, and thank him for all that, he has given us and at times complains a situation or a thing to him. The next way to connect to god is Meditation. If we read a spiritual book the very next thing that we would want to do is meditate and try to think of all that we have read. We try to relate these to our daily life and that eventually develops our approach towards our lives making us better human beings. Fasting can also be a power tool to build a relationship with god. This is also a way to get drawn towards god personally and it is mentioned is almost all spiritual and holy books. The last thing that can help us build relationship with god is friendship with him. All these ways are a form of worship. Hence, worship and relationship with god are both intensely related.

Worship is basically a homage that consists of an attitude of intense respect, reverence and adoration to god. It is very important for us to show our gratitude towards him because of the life that we have been given with. A relationship with the Supreme Being starts the very moment when we realize the need that we have for Him, confess that we are sinners and in return receive the faith of god and also god himself. To have a personal and closest relationship with the creator, the first and the foremost thing that we need to do is to include him in our daily lives by the method of worshipping and remembering him all the time. This is the way how we will be able to worship through relationship with god.