GROUP PRAYERS- Instructions to follow

All of us know the importance of praying to God. Whenever we are in some problem and need help or guidance we immediately refer to praying. In fact every religion has taught about praying to the God in its own ways. It can bring a change in your life. So one should not only pray in the time of need but as often as one can. It is also our responsibility to tell others about how important praying to God is in our lives. It is a means to keep connected with God. We should also try and arrange for a group pray. It can be more effective if many people will pray together for something. If you can play the role of a leader then gather people and provide some facilities to make sure that a group pray is conducted. It will be in not only yours but the whole group’s best interests. So it is important that you plan everything beforehand so that all goes smooth.

Instructions for a group prayer
You can follow the following instructions to conduct an effective prayer.
• Write a description of your prayer group. Mention the people who would be participating and most importantly the things you will all pray about. Also decide the time and place of the prayer that is where you all will meet and at what time and day.
• Try to make the prayer group as known as possible so that everyone who wants to pray can avail this opportunity.
• You can personally invite your close friends or family members to the prayer too.
• On your prayer day organize everything before people start coming. Greet all the people warmly and then according to your schedule start the prayer on time.
So this was some information about how group prayers are conducted and how effective they can be.