Pray As a Group – Praying For a Common Purpose

WIth increasing number of people turning towards religion for faith and belief, praying as a group has become very popular. Group praying, or people who pray as a group, is nothing but a group of individuals praying for a common cause. If you yourself are a believer of prayer and God, group praying could be a pleasant experience for you.

Group praying could be for anything, for a common cause or a special purpose. For example, people who pray as a group may have in mind a person or family who has gone through a tragedy or encountered a loss. Or, it could be for a community that has been shattered due to a natural disaster. The list could be endless, but the possibilities of the power of prayer is not.

To pray as a group, you will need a congregation of people who are like minded. That is, people who are willing to share the same belief as yours and serve the common purpose. Finding a group is not difficult in case of a tragedy or situation that has affected a lot of people. Local churches are also known for running prayer groups for a common situation. This formation will als encourage other people who are not part of the situation to help and contribute in the cause.

Knowing people in the group and socializing with them is also an important aspect. There are variations of prayer groups, and a prayer group may have its own rules. For example, while some groups would prefer that all the members pray at the same time collectively, there may be others who are content with letting the members pray at their desired time until the rules are followed.