Praying Together – Something Of Note

Religion, without a doubt plays the most vital role in shaping our life styles. Irrespective of the fact whether a man lives somewhere in a well developed colony of United States of America or in some under developed slum of African region, the practices of religion follow their dreams, their lives, their everyday life and their routine all alike. Culture and traditions are shaped by two things; the regional trends and the religious practices. And of these two, the weight of religion is rather greater. In Islam, one of the most influential religions of the world, there are certain traditions which completely define the lives of its followers. And praying together is one of those practices. Islam urges its followers to get together five times day and pray before God for their well being. Now this is one aspect of this practice. Another very important aspect of the same practice is the fact that this praying together eliminated the social differences in people. When people come closer to each other each day, they share their feelings, their moments of happiness and their problems. In this way, the social bond gets even stronger and people are never separated from each other no matter how busy their life becomes. In certain other religions, where praying together is not a valid concept, they are convinced of the point that there should be at least some sort of a practice in which people are made to sit together without any social discrimination and without any monetary interest. This would add a great deal of strength to their social relationship and would certainly heal the wounds of social loneliness among them. Therefore, it can be very safely concluded that praying together is not just an ordinary religious practice. It is something beyond this, something of note!