Praying Together – Understanding The Concept

Various trends in our communities have evolved as a result of our social behavior and traditions. Every community of human beings has generated such trends through which a sense of bonding in the community is ensured. And when it comes to different communal behavior, those coming under the influence of religion stand out as the most dominant behaviors or trends in human societies. For example, people following all religions have a special trend or behavior of making pilgrimage to their holy cities. Of other examples, praying together is an important one. Worship and prayers is something all religions share in common. In Muslims, there is a religious obligation for the followers to get together at community places of offering prayers where all Muslims do prayer together for five times a day. Similarly in other religions like Christianity, Christians offer their prayers together in Churches. Same is the cases with Hindus where the followers of Hinduism do get together in temples for their worship. And similar traditions are found in other religions like those of Buddhism, Sikhism etc.
As a matter of fact, praying together is just not a matter of gathering a group of people who gather at one place and offer their combined prayers to God. In fact, the concept behind this praying together is to bring human beings close to each other and allowing them to have a relationship with each other. In fact, in such a busy life as people have today, it has become impossible for people to spare time and visit even their neighbors. But due to this religious obligation of praying together, people get a good chance of coming close to each other, listening to the problems their friends and relatives have and thus making sure that they are not unaware of their fellow human beings.