Praying Together – What Is Beyond Common Perception?

Human race has always been in a process of evolution. From biological point of view, evolution means the change in structure, anatomical organization and form of living organisms over the period of time but from social perspective, evolution means the change in behavior and approach of human beings over the period of time. And there have been many forces to drive this process of social evolution in man. Religion has arguably been the most influential of those forces which has affected the lives of its followers in all eras of human history. There are certain traditions and practices preached and taught by every religion which has remained the same even after centuries have passed which has crafted obvious effects on our lives. And of these practices, the practice of praying together is a vital one.
In the point of fact, praying together is not just a practice to follow. It is a solid and living tradition that has created a solid and unbreakable bond between millions of people. In the most influential religions of the world like those of Islam, Christianity and others, there are some very refined and clear instructions about worshiping together. On one hand it is considered a religious act and on the other hand it is considered a way of bringing people close together, making them listen what others want to say, making them share with each other, see each other and act similarly to remove the different of rich and poor among them. In this way, praying together can be regarded as one of the most important religious practices. In Islam, praying together has been made mandatory for the followers. So, if you though praying together just means “a formal get together” than it is the time to change your vision about it and start taking it something better than that!