Praying Together

Human life is pretty diverse as far as different modes, actions, reactions, trends and activities in it are concerned. Every living being on the planet earth has a set of unique behavioral characteristics which makes it different from the others. Still, there are a number of other activities as well which all human beings living in a particular society share in common. As a matter of fact, there are a number of such religious activities and trends which keep people united and bonded together. And of these activities, praying together is an important one. Yes, praying together has been recognized as one of the most important social activity which is quite pronounced in religions like those of Islam. Islam urges its followers to group together each day and Pray before almighty God. And in the act or praying, they come closer to each other, come across different problems their brothers are facing in the society and thus a strong bond is forged between them. Many social scientists have recommended that in those societies which the modern life style has separated people with greater distance between them; it would an ideal practice to ask them to pray together. This will not only strengthen their religious beliefs but will also let them see each other more often, listen to each other and thus everybody shall get a feeling of living in a bonded society. And this is how social scientists have defined human being, a social animal!
Therefore, it would be rather recommended to all Muslims to make sure that they group together for paying together each day. And as discussed above, there are more than one usage of this practice. May e this practice would lead them to a better status in the future and will help them develop a better air of peace among them!