Pray as God loves to answer your prayers


For a moment, think about the existence of your own self and the whole universe, you will find yourself lost in a world full of questions and confusion. The easy answer to all the questions and the confusions is to believe in the reality of God Almighty. In such a position, it is easy to trust and believe that He is The One who created everything and the purpose of doing so is only known to Him. After having the idea of the Magnificence of God, we pray before Him and worship Him.

Worshiping Him means that we praise and obey the Almighty Lord for His significance. We humans worship our God and pray to Him as well. Praying is a very important thing after believing in the existence of God. Praying is the thing that gives hope for human and through which people ask their Lord to fulfill their desires and request. Almost every single person who believes in god pray and ask him for his help.. Whatever the occasion is, humans pray in all situations. Sometimes to thank Him and sometimes to ask for his mercy.

Different religions believe on praying but those religions also have the faith that praying together increases the power of praying. In Islam and Christianity as well, praying in groups are considered more powerful than praying of a single person. Simply, the concept can be viewed as when a person pray alone it means he is requesting for something but when the number of people pray together it showed that something is badly required by all of them and all of them are combinely requesting their lord for something. There is a strong power in praying together and all those prayers and requests that has been made in groups are answered quickly and very soon.